Dr. Alison Drought, BSc, ND


My earliest thoughts of fulfillment in life centred around health and helping people attain it.  This journey has taken me down many roads.  My initial path was mainstream medicine, but a series of meaningful sojourns reinforced the significant change that comes from lifestyle changes and gently helping the body reboot after identifying the core imbalances.  These changes are best made earlier in life, so as to slow down aging of the body, but it is truly remarkable how our bodies can rejuvenate even when we have taken it to a bad place.  As a naturopathic doctor, my job is to walk this road of deep healing and lifestyle realignment with you.  This process takes time and requires openness, but it is exciting and profound.  It involves mind and body.  My dream for each of you is to live a life with no regrets in which you can fully savour each precious moment.  This all starts with increasing your vitality.  Are you ready to start the journey?





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         Calgary, Alberta

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